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Daniels Signs New Contract in Bournemouth

Bournemouth, confirmed it has reached a new deal with Charlie Daniels over the next three years.

The Cherries’ decision to extend his tenure in Vitality stadium, because his players are still needed and his success to help the team stay in the Premier League last season became the club’s points to keep it.

After a new contract with the club from South Beach England, the 31-year-old admitted there is no need to think long received a new refresh from the club.

“I am happy that the club has given me a chance to stay here for three years,” said Charlie Daniels at the club’s official website.

“I’ve been at the club for six years now, so staying here is a simple decision. I can not wait to sign a new contract and can not wait to see the next few years.

“It’s a big club and it’s a brilliant time to be part of this team.”

Arsenal Reject City Bid for Sanchez

Arsenal, reportedly rejected all the offers given by Manchester City to bring in the main striker Alexis Sanchez.

Some time ago, The Citizen gave a bid of 50 million Pounds Sterling along with a high salary of 400 thousand Pounds Sterling.

However, Wenger claimed not at all tempted by the offer given City to bring the attacker.

While the City manager, Guardiola regard Chilean national team player is a remarkable player with able to score many goals.

But unfortunately Guardiola desire to bring Sanchez, just a dream that will never be realized.

Guardiola: The English League Will Be Called Difficult if …

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said the Premier League was not the hardest league.

Pep Guardiola now underwent his second season at Manchester City.

Prior to the Premier League, Guardiola had three times brought Barcelona to win the Spanish league and two-time Champions League champions.

Guardiola also presented three titles for Bayern Munich in the German League.

The Spaniard said that the English Premier League is not the most difficult league.

“I know you want to hear, ‘this league is the hardest, congratulations’,” Guardiola told the Mirror quoted

Pep said the English Premier League is difficult, but the Spanish league is also not easy.

“I would not say that a visit to Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla is easy,” said the coach.

“In the last decade, the teams from Spain are dominant in the Champions League and Europa League, teams like Sevilla even winning the Europa League three times in a row,” said Guardiola.

Pep refers to the success of the La Liga teams going far in the European club competition.

He compares with the conditions of Premier League representatives who often have difficulty when mentas in Champions League competition.

“The English league will be difficult if their five teams can reach the last round of the Champions League,” he said.

“I want to see Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United, Man City and Tottenham enter the quarter-finals, which will show that the Premier League is a top competition,” Pep said.

Danilo is Ready to Meet Manchester City’s Needs

Manchester City’s new recruit, Danilo, claimed to be happy to be a versatile player under Josep Guardiola. He felt no trouble playing in many positions.

“My goal here is to help Manchester City achieve goals. So it does not matter if I’m on the right, left, or in midfield, “Danilo told the Daily Star.

“I prefer (position) right, because I can use my natural foot. It may be harder to play on the left. But, I can adapt to both positions, “he added.

The Citizens bought Danilo from Real Madrid. Originally expected to compete against Kyle Walker, who also recently purchased this summer, in the race for the right position.

However, Danilo melakoni debut in the Premier League as a left back. He is also good at operating in midfield. With that condition, Danilo did not question a number of his role with Guardiola this season.

The 26-year-old defender told of an important experience when he became a midfielder. The former Real Madrid player said, he operated in midfield early in his professional career.

“I won the Libertadores Cup with Santos as a midfielder. So I really got used to the position, although I have not played much there. I have no problem playing there again, “said Danilo.

“It all depends on the needs of the team. Manchester City have great players in midfield. But, I’m always ready to play, and help the team, in any position, “he concluded

Thrown from the Chelsea squad, Costa: I’m not a Criminal

Diego Costa increasingly not at home in Chelsea Agen Sbobet. The former Atletico Madrid player even feels later treated like a criminal by Blues coach Antonio Conte.

The future of Costa with Chelsea is increasingly unclear. Conte has previously been blatantly saying not to include Costa into his plans this season.

However, Costa also can not go anywhere. For Atletico Madrid who intend to repatriate it prohibited to bring in new players. While the intention to join AC Milan also ran aground in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, access to the core team is also closed. He was asked to practice separately and was barred from entering the dressing room of the Blues players.

This situation made Costa inflamed. He even showed a rebellious attitude by choosing to return to Brazil when Chelsea started melakoni match in the Premier League. As a result of this attitude, Costa is still under contract was threatened sanctions.

“I was not allowed into the main team dressing room and I could not get in touch with the players,” he said as quoted by Soccerway. “I’m not a criminal, I think it’s unfair to get this treatment after what I’ve done,” Costa said.

Last season Costa is actually very useful for Chelsea. He has contributed greatly to the success of Chelsea’s second English League title in three years. Throughout the season, Costa scored 20 goals and became the top scorer of the Blues.

However, this effort was not enough to make Conte melut. Through a short message, he explicitly stated when Costa is no longer included in his plan.

“They gave me a week-long rest period (after a pre-season game), but since then the fines have become more,” Costa said unceremoniously.

Costa Against

Costa’s annoyance had already peaked. He even started to fight management. Costa admitted not afraid if Chelsea impose a fine on him for not returning.

“They want me to train with the reserve team, I will not do it, I’m not a criminal and I’m not wrong here so if they want to impose a fine on me, then please,” said the player born October 7, 1988.

Currently Costa is still in Brazil in order to visit his relatives. However, he intends to stay longer and do not care about the threat from Chelsea.

“I have a chance to stay a year in Brazil without playing, even if Chelsea fined me for a year and did not pay me,” he said.

“I will come back stronger If I am wrong I will go back now and do what they say,” beber Costa is still ambitious back to Atletico.

Sane Satisfied with Development in City

Laroy Sane seems to be convinced that his career is like a movie, after he successfully became one of Manchester City’s star in the Premier League.

Where, Sane who brought City 46.5 million pounds from Schalke scored five goals in the Premier League last season.

And the 21-year-old is also part of the German national team at Euro 2016, despite having to miss this summer’s Kondeferasi Cup due to injury.

“My journey in the last few years is incredible. Ever since I played in the Bundesliga, everything went very quickly. Then, I became a starter at Schalke, playing in the first International lga dna also play European championship, “Sane told local media.

“The following year I got an offer from overseas and I took a step forward by joining Manchester City. It’s like being in a movie and it’s great. ”

“I never said no matter back to the Bundesliga. And I think someday I’ll be back there. Probably to Schalke, but that need not be debated. “

Owen: Klopp Not Afraid of Losing Coutinho

Based on the transfer activities conducted by Liverpool, Michael Owen concluded that Jurgen Klopp is not afraid to lose Philippe Coutinho Judi Bola.

Neymar’s departure to PSG, making the name Coutinho championed as one of the successor of the players in Barcelona. Even so, the player is currently bound long-term contract with Liverpool, and it seems to make the Reds are not worried about interest La Blaugrana.

“Usually it’s leaked secrets, a number 10 being bought back, just in case of the possibilities that can happen. But Liverpool at this time seems to focus only on the position of defenders and defensive midfielders. ”

“Liverpool do not need to sell players, and from the votes that come out of the club, they seem to want to strengthen their squad, and increase the number of players in the squad, so they can compete in all levels. This year they seem to want to buy players instead of selling. “

Mourinho: Matic The figure of a Genius

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho praised the ability possessed by Nemanja Matic, and considers the player as a genius.

The Serbian midfielder was brought in from Chelsea, with a transfer fee of 40 million pounds, and Mourinho was satisfied with the performance displayed by the players in a friendly against Sampdoria.

“This is Matic,” the man from Portugal told MUTV.

“In my opinion, playing simple in that position, is a job of a genius. He was a genius, because he managed to make things look simple. When our team ran, the ball also rolled. He played fantastic in that position. ”

“The way he plays, he plays by relying on his brain. To be at the top of his game, he needs a fit physical condition. But obviously without a pre-season game, it will not be easy to achieve. “

Wenger melontarkan kekhawatiran cedera Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette tidak mengalami cedera dalam kekalahan Emirates Cup Arsenal ke Sevilla pada hari Minggu, Arsene Wenger telah mengkonfirmasi.

Penandatanganan klub Arsenal Lacazette mencetak gol pertamanya di Emirates Stadium, berbalik ke umpan silang Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain yang rendah untuk membatalkan pembuka Joaquin Correa, hanya untuk serangan Steven N’Zonzi yang sensasional untuk memberi Sevilla kemenangan 2-1 pada hari Minggu.

Striker tersebut digantikan oleh Alex Iwobi dengan 12 menit untuk bermain dan tampak pincang saat ia berjalan keluar lapangan, namun Wenger mengecilkan kekhawatiran kebugaran internasional Prancis.

“Lacazette baik-baik saja,” kata Wenger kepada wartawan. “Saya melepasnya tapi bukan karena dia cedera. Dia adalah satu dari sedikit pemain yang memiliki permainan positif hari ini.

“Ini adalah pertunjukan yang menggembirakan dari Lacazette. Dia sedikit menderita saat kami agak datar.

Bila Anda baru saja mencetak gol pertama Anda di Emirates

– Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) 30 Juli 2017

“Ketika dia terlibat, dia cerdas, dia melindungi bola dengan baik dan dia mendapatkan golnya – secara keseluruhan, ini adalah pertunjukan yang menggembirakan.

“Minggu demi minggu, Lacazette terlihat beradaptasi dengan cepat Secara keseluruhan, saya pikir akan memakan waktu satu atau dua bulan. Mencetak gol adalah berada di tempat yang tepat saat umpan silang masuk – dan Lacazette memiliki kualitas itu.”